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P&C Business Intelligence

Our company has worked with over 30 insurance companies, and with this experience, we have developed the framework to address specific needs for specific insurance markets.

We provide a service whereby we customize, based on our client's objectives, an analysis and reporting business intelligence solution. The customized solution is driven by the client's data, stored in an existing transactional data warehouse, operational data store or data mart. While an underlying data warehouse would provide the most complete "back end" for our customized business intelligence solution, we realize the majority of companies do not have the time or resources to pursue a full transactional data warehouse. Our solution is scalable, and our proprietary methodology enables us to adapt to most data sources without a significant compromise in features and accuracy

We can provide our analytics and reporting solution for any or all components of our client's insurance data, based on the objectives and focus of our client. Our solution is user friendly and supports property and casualty insurance carriers' initiatives for profitability and growth by empowering the company to discover the dynamics driving their business.

The depth of our business intelligence is driven by our expertise in addressing both the operational and strategic needs of an insurance organization. Please see the Perspectives page for examples of the kinds of needs throughout the insurance organization that may be fulfilled with our business intelligence solution.

Our proprietary earned premium process is a component of our customized business intelligence solution and is applied to dynamically determine historical earned premium at the transaction level as the basis for trending and sophisticated measures such as loss ratios, loss costs, earned house years, credibility, frequency, etc. These measures may be trended historically and viewed by various dimensions, such as product, geographic region, agent, catastrophe, cause of loss, etc.