Insurance Systems

We provide multiple services to evaluate and improve insurance systems.

We frequently find insurance systems do not provide information consistent with the understanding and expectations required by the business. Whether changes in the company, industry and/or system have conspired to create this divergence, today's corporate environment demands accurate information. This reality is even more significant, considering insurance systems supply most of the financial elements for an insurance company's income statement. We offer comprehensive system audits to ensure insurance systems are processing and reporting as expected.

Our experience with insurance data and systems combined with our knowledge of statutory accounting principles enables us to provide system evaluations efficiently and effectively. It is a primary focus of our business to identify issues with today's complicated insurance systems, as well as manage system conversions and system integrations. This service has proved invaluable to many clients who rely on the data from their systems for daily decision making, as well as for financial statement reporting. It is our goal to provide a service that results in increased value from our client's existing insurance system and investment. We also can leverage our vast insurance system experience to assist clients in evaluation of insurance system vendors, vendor scoring, and system feature fit analysis for those clients considering a new or replacement system.