Analytics & OLAP

We implement OLAP tools that best meet our client's needs and create customized analyses for individual users to facilitate business intelligence.

Online Analytical Processing ("OLAP") provides a means for reviewing vast data sets through multidimensional aggregations and delivers answers to analytical queries. OLAP is part of the broader category of business intelligence. While conventional reports have narrow target content that often reflects detail transactions, OLAP "cubes" provide the ability to view various combinations of dimensions (e.g., product, zip code, construction, etc.) and measures (e.g., net premium earned, loss ratio, etc.) on the fly. OLAP cubes are capable of providing millions of combinations depending on the number of dimensions and measures built into the cube. Our deep industry knowledge enables us to quickly assess a company's data architecture and implement OLAP tools so that the organization can transform their information into meaningful decisions. We design your OLAP data to best meet the needs of your company and create customized analysis for the individual users of critical data, based on their need and perspective.