We deliver a thorough analysis of a company's insurance system and data architecture that will enable the company to improve the value generated from their existing system.

The majority of insurance companies do not have the internal technology resources to achieve an in-depth understanding of their system data. Consequently, we are frequently engaged to reverse-engineer system databases with limited or no technical documentation or assistance. Because of our extensive system experience and industry understanding, we are able to proficiently analyze, comprehend and document the raw system data with limited guidance. Depending on the objectives of the engagement, the product of this analysis may be in the form of a data dictionary with documented data and business rules and/or a foundation for supporting a data warehouse, managed reporting or business intelligence solution.

Since we understand accounting and financial concepts and principles, a key step in our data analysis is corroborating our understanding of the data to detail financial and accounting reports. Often, this process will yield the discovery of incorrect logic or algorithms utilized in production reports relied upon for financial reporting. In some cases, companies undertaking significant system development will engage us specifically for quarterly reconciliations of vital production reports to assure integrity is maintained.