Information Technology

IT departments provide operations support and must provide data to support decisions. i4's customized business intelligence solution relieves IT resources and facilitates many technology projects.

IT departments within insurance organizations today provide not just operations support, but they are relied upon to provide the data to support decisions. i4 is considered a valued partner of many IT departments and helps solve problems and maximize strained IT resources. The i4 customized business intelligence solution greatly serves the IT department by providing data access to the users and relieving IT resources.

Additionally, most IT departments have expertise in technology, but do not necessarily understand the business behind an insurance organization. Our thorough understanding and practical experience in the insurance business provides opportunities where we can play multiple roles within a project, so resources are more efficiently utilized and potential miscommunication in the translation of business requirements into technical specifications can be reduced dramatically. Combined with our multi-discipline expertise, technology projects can be expedited and accuracy and end user satisfaction can be ensured while resources are more efficiently allocated.

Finally, one of the greatest technical hurdles an IT department must overcome is the calculation of historical earned premium. We have developed a proprietary process that can develop on-the-fly historical earned premium amounts and earned exposure (e.g. earned house years, car years, TIV) for each respective reporting period. Our process can dynamically create a result set numbering over 20 million rows in less than 40 seconds on a typical database server. Since the earned premium calculation is dynamic and swift, a large table does not have to be stored in a database taking up valuable space. We have developed many other innovative processes to handle the complex data requirements of an insurance company.