Naturally, a person in Claims will need analyses and reports presented differently than someone in Underwriting. A business intelligence system provides a unified framework for meeting the diverse needs of various roles within an insurance organization. These pages provide a perspective on the type of information that may be requested by certain roles within an insurance organization and delivered by an i4 customized business intelligence solution. Select a link to learn more about the information provided for each perspective.


i4 specializes in meeting the intense needs of today’s insurance executives. An executive’s responsibility is to focus on the strategic aspects of the company, so they require information that quickly communicates whether their strategic goals and objectives are being realized. Often, this communication is through the visualization of key performance drivers or indicators (e.g., “dashboard”) that correlate with the company’s strategic vision. This dashboard provides feedback on whether the company is moving towards their strategic objectives or if quick action is necessary.

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Because of i4’s finance background and deep knowledge of the insurance business, we are especially equipped to assist with the demands placed on insurance finance and accounting departments. These areas must comply with many external requests for information, as well as be prepared to provide a greater depth to their financial information. i4’s customized business intelligence solution enables the finance areas with the tools necessary to easily access all needed data, view the data by nearly any measure, and “drill down” to detail levels.

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