Quick Facts

  • Insurance data and knowledge consulting company.
  • Insurance industry experts.
  • Experience with over 20 different insurance systems.
  • Served over 30 insurance companies and organizations.
  • Founded in 2002.


i4 Integrated Services, LLC (i4) was established to provide specialized data, knowledge and systems services and solutions to the insurance industry on the principle that a thorough understanding of the industry we serve is foremost with technology being secondary.

Each of our insurance field consultants is educated and has practical experience in accounting and finance, in addition to their technical expertise. Our deep industry knowledge and business experience enable us to quickly and cost effectively define and deliver innovation technology and business solutions for our clients. We understand exactly what the decision makers in today’s insurance environment need, and we know exactly how to get them the critical data they desire. By helping companies understand how they are performing, they are empowered with knowledge to make informed decisions.

Our solid understanding of how our clients operate allows us to make an accurate and complete assessment of our clients' informational and technological needs. Our company is dedicated to combining emerging technologies with seasoned professional judgment and discipline to present customers with innovative, insightful and cost effective solutions. We have experience with a wide spectrum of diverse insurance systems,and work with our clients to utilize the best tools available for their unique needs and budget.

We have served over 30 insurance companies, including multi-billion dollar insurance companies; however, we place an emphasis on meeting the challenges of small and medium-size companies. We recognize these companies have the same fundamental objectives as their larger counterparts, but are often constrained by insufficient internal expertise and limited resources. We understand the goals and objectives of our customers and provide cost effective sophisticated solutions that generate tremendous value. Because of this, many of our customers, including each of our five largest clients, have returned to us for repeat engagements.