We provide information management services to the insurance industry. We specialize in building both a practical and comprehensive framework for the delivery of timely, accurate and relevant information for the purposes of constructing meaning, creating knowledge and supporting decisions. We believe information is the foundation for knowledge, and knowledge is the foundation for sound decisions.


We achieve success through our knowledge of the insurance industry and business. We understand the actuarial, financial, regulatory and operational concepts driving the complex information needs of the business. We also understand the increasingly sophisticated external demands placed by reinsurers, statistical agencies, regulators, et al. This multidimensional understanding helps us to look beyond the immediate problem, communicate in business terms, and differentiates us from other technology companies serving the insurance industry. We believe insight is a product of a deep and powerful understanding of the industry and business.


Engagement scopes differ from one customer to another, and we are fully prepared to support the customer with any combination of services, including data analysis, data modeling, data warehousing, conversions, quality assurance (testing) , analytics (OLAP), managed reporting, business intelligence, performance metrics, insurance systems, and accounting systems. While we provide a full range of technology services, we are diligent to recommend the solution that is right for the customer and not us. We believe innovation is achieved through the practical application of technology.


Our people are our greatest asset. While technology education and experience is the common thread among our staff, most of our employees have a formal education in a secondary discipline, such as accounting or finance. Additionally, we emphasize continuing education and training in insurance and business concepts. These diverse, yet complementary backgrounds facilitate the delivery of solutions that may not be immediately obvious for others. We believe ingenuity is achieved through diversity.