Business Intelligence Solutions

Provided data analysis, modeling and warehousing services and customized business intelligence solutions for an automobile carrier, a worker's compensation insurer, and several homeowners' companies.

i4 has provided their customized business intelligence solution for several private carriers. These solutions were driven off of a data mart or warehouse, created by i4, and enabled web-based management reporting, dashboards, on-line analytical processing ("OLAP"), visualizations and performance metrics. For many of these companies, IT resources were lacking and the system was being provided by a third party. As a result, the internal company personnel did not have an in depth knowledge of the system. In all cases, i4 was able to understand and analyze the system with little to no company involvement and determine how to extract the relevant data.

Due to our insurance business expertise, we know the data today's managers need, and we can reverse engineer any insurance system in order to get it. Our multi-faceted expertise expedites projects and results in cost effective solutions that greatly improve the company's ability to manage and improve their business. For one of these companies, the i4 customized business intelligence solution facilitated the in depth analysis of their business and losses that had not previously been possible and resulted in a decrease in their non-cat loss ratio from 80% to 22% in just one year.